About Kindermusik


The research about music and children’s development is truly stunning. More and more, the eyes of the research community turn to music as a vehicle to deliver a significant learning experience to children. 

The bottom line: early, positive, and age-appropriate experiences with music—like a Kindermusik program—can have a remarkable and research-proven impact on your child’s: 

  • language and literacy skills (vocabulary, comprehension, listening, expression)

  • social and emotional development

  • mathematics and pattern-recognition skills

  • ability to plan, guide, and self-regulate their behavior


At Santa Rosa Children's Music we offer the entire Kindermusik curricula from infancy through first grade. Each class level has new curriculum each session so a child can attend up to 7 years without repeating curricula. We also offer family classes so you have the option of putting each child in their own class or having class together as a family.


Our curricula have overlapping ages so that you can find the class that is the best fit for your child. If your child is on the overlapping borderline between 2 curricula we usually recommend that they join as an older child in a class their first session, not as the youngest. If you have any questions about what class would be right for your child please contact the director.


We want music to be accessible to every child so we offer scholarships for children with special needs and financial aid for low income families. Your tuition helps support these programs. If you would like to apply for one of these programs please contact the director and request a financial aid form.


Kindermusik's tagline is "A good beginning never ends" and we think that sums it up perfectly. You are giving your child a long lasting gift when they attend a Kindermusik class and we feel privileged to be able to share that joyful learning experience with our students.