Frequently Asked Questions


Can I enroll anytime? 

YES! (our classes meet year-round and you can enroll at anytime during the month.)


Can I stop at any time? 

No problem during the school year with 15 days notice via email before the first of the month you'd like to cancel. Summer enrollment is per month and you only register for the months you want.


Do you prorate if I start mid-month? 

Yes. Your account will be credited towards next months fees.


Can I bring both children? 

Yes. Whether you enroll children in the same age group, mixed ages or age-specific classes for each child, we’ll give you a hefty discount for each sibling. You may even bring an out-of-age-group sibling, pending our approval. Just call or email the director if you have additional children that don't fit the age guidelines for a class or if you have any questions at all.


Can I makeup a class if my child is sick or out-of-town? 

Definitely! We offer unlimited makeups. You can use them anytime, even with a non-enrolled sibling or “future” sibling. Just be sure to schedule them in advance using our online makeup scheduler.


Can I switch classes if my schedule changes or my child is ready to move to the next class level? 

Yes, pending availability. Just email your request to the director. We need it in writing so we can better keep track of requests so please email us.


Do we get music for home? 

Absolutely. You are your child’s most important teacher so repeating the activities from class at home is the best way for them to learn. Each month your will receive a new CD, handouts, and an online home activity center with the book of the month, music, videos, online and printable activities and child development information.


Can I get in a class that says "waitlist"?

Spots open up all the time so don’t delay in adding yourself to the list.


Are you really “the best” choice for my child?

  • We offer the world’s leading early childhood curriculum for over 30 years–Kindermusik.

  • Sonoma County Children's Music is a Maestro program, rated in the top 5% of Kindermusik programs worldwide.

  • Ms. Fran has been studying music since childhood, working with children since 1981 and teaching Kindermusik since 1997.

  • Both Kindermusik international and Sonoma County Children's Music have won numerous local and national awards.

  • Kindermusik is the only early childhood music program in the United States that offers 7 years of curricula that grows with your child from infancy through first grade. No other early childhood curricula offers American Sign Language instruction and teaches children to read music and play woodwind, string, and keyboard instruments.


Should I bring anything to class?

Please bring clean socks or slippers for you and your child to all classes. If your child is enrolled in Cuddle & Bounce please bring a baby blanket and a boppy pillow or car seat if they need support to sit up.