Your First Class - What to expect in parent participation classes


Please arrive 5 minutes early and put your street shoes in the cubby, put on socks/slippers and nametags, clean hands, and use the bathroom if necessary before class begins.  Your teacher will set out some items for free exploration before class.  Please do not bring street shoes, toys, drinks, or food into class.  Please turn off cell phone ringers to avoid interrupting class.


Expect to enjoy spending time with your child. Don’t worry that he or she is not participating like the other children. Children need time to adjust to a new situation. They need the security of a loving caregiver close by to make them feel confident. They may want to be held or they may want you to play their instrument when it is their turn.  They may learn best through observation and prefer to try the activities at home.  That is fine.  You will get to know your child’s individual learning style while in the program, honor it and you will both have more fun. 


Some children will wander around.  They are exploring this new environment. As long as they are safe they are welcome to explore. Running is dangerous to class participants so please slow down and attempt to engage your child if they are running around the room. You may need to guide your child back to the current activity or engage them in another way. Sometimes, children will sing at home, but not in class. This is normal. Be assured they are benefiting from the class even if they do not appear to be participating. Many children are so busy absorbing and processing this rich social and musical experience that they need time and the familiarity of their home to duplicate the activities from class. Class time can be a springboard of ideas for you and your child to incorporate into your play at home.


Please participate in all activities (dancing, playing, singing, listening) as best you can. Your child will take his/her cues from you, but even if the child is not, for example, dancing, YOU dance anyway! They may enjoy the dance if you hold them. The best way to encourage your child is with lots of eye contact, smiling and singing!